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Our vision for a CACHE/NCFE career pathway for nannies.

NCFE originally stood for Northern Council for Further Education, however since the 2000s, it has been known as NCFE. NCFE is the longest established awarding body and is recognized as an awarding organization by regulators in the UK. CACHE, the Council for Awards in Care, Health, and Education, is the UK’s leading sector specialist in health, care, and education. CACHE has developed qualifications of excellence for over 70 years and has more than 1,000 UK-based and global delivery partners. In 2015, NCFE and CACHE merged and remains an educational charity and global leader in vocational and technical learning.

CACHE/NCFE is a globally recognized brand with over 1,000 UK-based and global delivery partners. Nanny Stella, Inc, and its satellite center Global Nanny Training are the only US Based CACHE/NCFE endorsed training center for nannies.

Our courses on are accredited by the NCFE as quality distance learning courses. 

A certificate is issued upon successful completion of a course and is issued by the educators of that course. A certification is issued upon evaluation and is recognition of an individual’s qualifications and proof of education, knowledge, or skills in a certain subject area by a third-party certification awarding body. An accreditation is issued upon recognition of a program’s educational standards by a third-party accreditation awarding body.

Learners receive a certificate of achievement directly from NCFE/CACHE acknowledging the successful completion of the accredited program of which they were enrolled.

The UK has an established regulatory program already in place.  Based on NVQs, or National Vocational Qualifications, competency-based awards ranging in levels from 1-5 that prove you are qualified to do a childcare job are already established and recognized. These qualifications are relevant in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, where they are known as Scottish Vocational Qualifications or SVQs. In the US, there is no such regulatory program in place, so US regulated qualifications are not available. Our NCFE/CACHE programs mirror the established competency-based in the UK. While unregulated, completion of our customized and leveled accredited programs demonstrate rigor and competency and are recognized by the global leader in childcare awards. 

Customised Qualifications are unregulated, bespoke qualifications written and developed by a provider, and accredited by NCFE. NCFE accreditation recognizes the quality and rigor of the qualification and provides you, the learner, with an NCFE Customised Qualifications certificate on your completion of the program. 

No, we offer unregulated qualifications. Unregulated qualifications are not Ofqual recognized and will not show on Ofqual’s list of regulated qualifications. However, accreditation from NCFE recognizes the high quality of the qualification you are studying or want to study, and that the qualification meetstheir quality standards. 

Each course is benchmarked on the qualification’s learning outcomes and assessment criteria using the UK national framework’s level descriptors to demonstrate the difficulty and depth of study. In addition to a level, the total qualification time (TQT) translates into if the qualification is an award, certificate, or diploma. The highest CACHE/NCFE Customized Qualification available to US based nannies is the Level 3 Diploma. This is the highest pre-college level of coursework in the national frameworks as beyond that, the content standards in the UK are different than the US. For reference, levels 4 and up are equivalent to a university education, with levels 4 through 6 is equivalent to a university degree, level 7, a master’s degree, and level 8 a phD. Leveling offers learners the opportunity to enter the level that best reflects their need. You do not have to start at level one and work up.

Our courses align with the US Nanny Association’s National Standards, covers the Competency Goals, Subject Areas, and Functional Areas outlined by the CDA, and is based on best practices as outlined by American Academy of Pediatrics, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and recognized sector experts.

Getting a training program endorsed and accredited by CACHE/NCFE requires a comprehensive evaluation and application process and ongoing assessment. For more information, please email

Developed by internationally recognized nanny industry experts, Global Nanny Training offers education that leads to credentials. In 2016, Stella Reid opened the first and only US Based CACHE Endorsed Training Center and created the first CACHE Endorsed Learning Program, The Professional Nanny. It was at this time Michelle LaRowe had launched with Ken Myers and created her first comprehensive training program, the Professional Nanny Certificate program. A collaboration was formed between Stella and Michelle to create a CACHE endorsed version of that course, entitled Foundation Practice for Nannies. This course was submitted to CACHE and was awarded a CACHE Customized Qualification, the only US based CACHE Customized Qualification available to nannies. Together, Michelle, Stella, and Ken continue the mission of Global Nanny Training by developing high-quality nanny specific training that leads to credentials and professionalizing the nanny industry.

This course was awesome! The information was presented in an easy to follow format and the content was very educational. 

Nanny K

Whether you are a new or experienced nanny, you will learn something new in this course! The information is relevant and specific to nannies. 

Nanny S
The course and the resources provided will help me be the best nanny I can be.

Nanny J

CACHE is a UK based organization that was established in 1945 by the Ministry of Health under the name of the National Nursery Examination Board (NNEB). The board set the syllabus for the first national examination which took place in 1947. In 1994, the NNEB merged with the Council for Early Years Awards to form CACHE. In 2001 they incorporated the National Association for Maternal and Child Welfare and in 2015 they became part of NCFE.

NCFE are an awarding organization recognized by the qualification regulators for England (Ofqual, Wales (Qualification Wales) and Northern Ireland (CCEA Regulation). 

On completion of the Customized Qualification, learners will receive a certificate of achievement. The certificate is evidence of the knowledge and skills gained by completing the qualification. This qualification has been accredited by NCFE under the Customized Qualification and the certificate of achievement will be issued directly by NCFE.

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