Ken Myers

With a background in owning and operating companies dedicated to helping people find the right services for their families, Ken brings over 30 years of business management and technology expertise to Global Nanny Training.

Ken holds a master’s in business leadership from Upper Iowa University and multiple bachelor’s degrees from Grand View College. He is also an inventor and holds two technology patents, one including one for method and apparatus for facilitating electronic acquisition and maintenance of goods and services via the internet.

Ken has co-founded numerous technology companies including WhiteFence, Inc. CollegeDegrees, LLC, Longhorn Leads, LLC, FanReact, LLC, and Mainline, LLC. He is also the CEO and Founder of Longhorn Leads, LLC which manages a portfolio of nanny related business and websites.

Ken is an accomplished actor and has been featured in Kindly Kenney on UKW Media (Roku), Ivy & Mistletoe on PureFlix & UpTV, Murderous Affairs on Netflix, and SHK HEROFORCE on YouTube. He is also the author of Jon Bragg Blue Essence, a Norse Mythology Fantasy.

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